Erin Bowman opens the door with new EP “Apartment 101”


By Sophie Minello

It’s special when somebody opens the door and lets you into their space. The place where they feel most comfortable in, the place they feel the most. Erin Bowman is ready to open the door for listeners through her upcoming EP Apartment 101. This EP is based around a Youtube campaign where the singer/songwriter walks you through one of the most important spaces to her. Erin wants to show fans her true self through her career. She’s not putting on a face, what you see is what you got.

“I felt like I was lost but I needed to figure it out myself,” Bowman says. “It’s hard to be going through a tough time and have advice and comments thrown at you from every direction. I felt like people could tell I wasn’t myself and I became super aware of that and that made it worse. All I wanted was to be ok and that can take some time. In the bridge I sing “or is this just a passing thing?” It’s been over a year since I wrote that song and I’m happy to say it turns out it was just a passing thing.”

Listen to the already released “There You Go Again” and “Something to Say”

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