Infectious new single by Swimming With Bears


By Sophie Minello

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“Keep Smiling” is the name of the groovy new single by Austin, TX based indie band Swimming With Bears. Their quirky name fits with their fun, energetic music which shines through in this new release. “Keep Smiling” marks their second single off their forthcoming EP to be released on September 13th. It shows that no matter what messy situations life throws at you, you’ve got to roll with the punches. The lead singer Joe Perry says, “This is the one that is close as it gets to the heart of the band. Right before we made this EP we were still slinging refried beans as waiters in this Mexican Restaurant. We wanted the song to have this party feel with the up beat tempo and catchy chorus but the real meaning behind it is about not giving up, being brave and doing the hard work to make your dreams come true.”

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