Side Saddle's upcoming Watermelon EP


By Sophie Minello



Prior to Side Saddle’s Watermelon EP, with a release date set for Friday, “Chemistry” hits the streaming sites. This soft sounding song is a beautiful introduction to the highly anticipated EP. Band leader Ian Mcguinness states, “[the song] is about brain chemistry and how brutal it can be to feel such low low's and such high high's, but also how beautiful it can be to feel so deeply.” After a big move from New York to Boston, the anxiety and new atmosphere propelled Mcguinness to continue making the Watermelon EP. “I started having super intense flourishes of anxiety and depression,” explains Ian, “I couldn't seem to make time to record, rehearse, or see my band mates who were still living back in Queens, and I was later diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety.” The song “Chemistry” describes the feeling he experienced while going through this difficult period.

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