Rewire by Holden Laurence


By Julia Tomlinson

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Known for his enticing blend of alt-rock and the classic 80s synth sound, Clevelander Holden Laurence’s released his new sophomore album titled “Rewire”. There are ten tracks on the album, and “Shadows of Old Love”, “Speaking in Tongues” and “Friendship and The Fever” were the singles dropped in the months leading up the album’s release.

‘Rewire’ has a pleasant blend of both high energy and slow melodic tracks that reveal the range Holden has and the various moods he is able to create with his voice that complements each song. A song I feel encompasses the vigorous, powerful essence of the album is “Friendship and the Fever”. Although this song was released a few years before the album’s release, the way Holden’s voice intertwines with the guitar heavy instrumentals in the lines, “Friends in fever dreams can't take the heat / They will melt into each other / Like snow melts into rain- it's all the same / When it covers one another, I know” has a timeless edge. “Lightning Strike”, “Mary Magdalene” and “Roses and a Romeo mask” have my favorite instrumental backings on “Rewire”, particularly “Roses and a Romeo mask” which is bolstered by its emotionally potent vocal and lyrical aspects. This album is home to a hard-hitting collection of songs anyone would enjoy.

Holden’s ageless sound bridges the gap seamlessly between iconic 80s synth and contemporary alt-rock. ‘Rewire’ is right in time for the summer and you can stream it now on Spotify here!

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