Monday by Quarter Roy


By Sophie Minello


The only reason someone could possible be excited for a Monday is if the said Monday held a fresh new single from the dreamy Northern Florida based band Quarter Roy. This four piece was formed in the summer of 2018 and have been constantly stepping up the game. Their single “Monday” explores the hopeless search for a love at first sight. It immediately throws at you that classic indie sound that is impossible not to fall in love with. Lead singer Gabi Yost’s soft vocals are hypnotizing as bandmates Kaylie Gesky, Tyler Cooper-Kolb, and Joey Caneva create an atmosphere that surrounds you in summer winds. Despite the feel good instrumentation, the lyrics hold a less upbeat storyline. “Now I’m waiting on the weekend to see if you’re around,” Gabi sings at the chorus. Listeners don’t even have to continue wondering if she ever ran into this mystery person, as the title of the song says it all. Despite the mildly heartbreaking topic, the song is hard to turn off. Don’t worry Gabi, you’re friends are right, and even though you missed this guy, a darn good song came out of it.

Listen to Quarter Roy’s past releases of Conversations and Lemon Water and catch them at upcoming shows.

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