Fallout by Jon Haggerty


By Sophie Minello

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California singer-songwriter Jon Haggerty released a captivating new single on April 5th entitled “Fallout.” The song starts out incredibly delicate, with barely audible background sounds and Jon’s delicate tone standing front in center. He sings, “They grew up with old opinions for far too long / still trying to figure out what we don’t need.” It makes it possible to immediately be immersed in his voice, to connect and resonate with it early on, before the infectious beats roll in. The song slowly vines it’s way inside of you, seeming to wake up an array of emotions. These unexplainable emotions are valid when inspecting the meaning of the song. Jon states, “Fallout revolves around the daily struggles in our modern day society as we strive towards a brighter and better future. If we all banded together as a people it would be beautiful to see the advancements that we as a human race could make. One day we will wake up and be friends.” With a hopeful message for our often painful and discombobulated lives, it’s no wonder Haggerty’s new release hits so hard, not only with the way it beautifully builds up and breaks down, but with the way it shows that love is the thing that connects us all.

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