Animation by Febueder


By Sophie Minello

It’s rare to have something cross your ears and it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. This is how I felt as I listened to “Animation” by Febueder for the first time. With this new release, experimental UK two-piece has created an almost tribal sound, with a drum beat that creeps into your head. It creates a mood of hypnosis almost, somehow bringing you closer in touch with yourself. Throughout the song, it maintains a calm stature, and somehow creates and organized space of chaos. What’s really interesting to me, however, are the vocals. In this song, the vocals are sure not to overpower the instrumental. In a way, the vocals are embedded into the song itself, and serve as just another instrument, especially with the repetition used. With a pinpointable cinematic quality, the band was able to heighten the vibes of the song in the captivating music video. Shot completely in an out of focus frame, it adds to the mystery of the song. The constant presence of nature in the video also emphasises the songs earthy presence. The video follows a mime artist and the band says “it was selectively shot in soft focus to accentuate the disorientation and paranoia between the mask (the performance) and the man behind it.” The song, in all, is about the disconnect between the true essence of  person and their presentation of themselves on the stage of life. As the band explores this concept, they take the listener on the journey with them, leaving them with questions and wonder throughout the song “Animation”.


UK friends can catch them on their upcoming tour:

Mar 22 Fri | Bermuda Bob’s | Norwich, United Kingdom

Mar 24 Sun | Crofters Rights | Bristol, United Kingdom

Mar 26 Tue | Prince Albert| Brighton, United Kingdom

Mar 31 Sun | Old Blue Last | London, United Kingdom

Apr 4 Thu | Mejeriet | Centrala Staden, Sweden

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