Coldest Water by Walking on Cars


By Sophie Minello

Today, Irish pop-rock group dropped a beautiful music video for their newest song “Coldest Water”. The song is taken from their highly anticipated album entitled Colors, out on April 12, 2019. The music video mimics the mood and meaning of the song, flashing between serene scenes like a dancer in a nearly vacant room and the static changing of a television, to party scenes and even funerals. The music video covers a wide arrange of emotion, which is fitting due to the experience of lead singer Patrick Sheehy’s past struggles with alcohol. Aside from the messages portrayed in the video, it alone is extremely beautiful. The frames and angles sit just right with you. The color scheme is impeccable. A visually captivating video to accompany an equally captivating song. Keep an eye out for the release of Colors, but while you wait, give “Coldest Waters” a few listens.

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