All My Loving by Ceramic Animal


By Carly Tagen-Dye


Following the success of their 2018 record The Horse, Doylestown's Ceramic Animal are back with another banger. The group, comprised of brothers Warren Regan (vocals, guitar), Elliot Regan (vocals, keys) and Eric Regan (drums), and friends Ant Marchione (guitar) and Dallas Hosey (bass), recently released “All My Loving”, a ten-minute long epic that has been in the making for a while. The track is a long time crowd pleaser, played exclusively at live shows to great reception. However, “All My Loving” holds another meaning for the band themselves. As stated in a recent press release:

Three of us are brothers, and this past October we lost our Dad unexpectedly. [All My Loving] was one of his favorite tracks that Ceramic Animal would play. With him leaving us it felt like something we had to finally do. We’ve tried to record it a handful of times and never managed to get it right…we were missing the energy that made the live song such a favorite. But it finally feels like we got it.”

Ceramic Animal most certainly did. “All My Loving” is anything but predictable. Hosey’s pulsing bassline provides the track’s backbone, while Regan’s smooth vocals bring its nostalgic feel. Halfway through, the track turns from chill nightclub noise to 70’s rock epic, wailing guitar overtaking as the pace growing more frenetic. By the end, listeners are immersed in a full-on jam session, the breakneck beat and drums carrying the song to its full finale. It is Ceramic Animal at their finest.

“All My Loving” is truly a track to experience for yourself. While the band has expressed they are sad to see it go as a show exclusive, they are more than excited to find a new fan-favorite to share with their crowds soon.

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