The Trigger by Mortimer Jackson


By Sophie Minello

Mortimer Jackson is a powerful musician from London and he establishes himself as one to remember. Making a come back in 2019 with his new single “The Trigger,” he’s surely starting the new year with a bang (pun intended). “The Trigger” is a memorable song, with a catchy hook and a timeless feel. It sounds classic, reminding me of early Oasis and Miles Kane. At first note, you know that the song’s driving beat will carry you throughout the whole piece. There isn’t a dull moment. My personal favorite part is when a trumpet comes in blaring a beautiful tune. It adds so much character to this already noteworthy song.

A music video was also released with the song. It launches into modern times by depicting how obsessed with phones people are in the digital age, yet the video has this early 2000’s mood. In the video, Jackson is infatuated by a red dressed girl with her eyes off of a screen. He follows her to a venue where he erupts in song and she erupts into dance. Directed by Zachary Denman, the colors and angles used are fantastic. Today is an exciting day for releases.

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