Puppy Love by Allison & Moon


By Sophie Minello


Allison & Moon’s fast paced new single “Puppy Love” is one that stands out. Released a day earlier than announced as a Valentine’s Day gift, it puts love as its focus. However, it doesn’t highlight the roses and chocolates that this holiday carries. Rather, it wallows in confusion. The lyrics sing, “I love you / but I don’t know what to do / cause I know that you love me to / but you won’t say it.” In the song, she just wants her lover to admit out loud that they love her. Three simple words that she embedded countless times into this song, but apparently her lover won’t utter them to her. Frustrating, right? She puts all that frustration into the lyrics and moods of the song. From start to finish, this song is a headbanger that is sure to capture your attention. Allison’s voice holds the classic power that every pop-punk vocalist has. A big inspiration of the band has been Paramore, and the parallels between Allison & Moon with the iconic Paramore are obvious. Allison makes the style her own. With a driving guitar line and dynamic moments throughout, this song reveals the strength of the band. This isn’t a release to overlook!


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