Pantherland by Ghost Soul Trio

By Sophie Minello


"Through an increasingly troubling series of daytime cycles, James is initiated into a mysterious Panther cult."

If that don’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will. This quote, the basis for Ghost Soul Trio’s new song/music video for “Patherland,” sounds like the plot to some strange thriller movie. It’s surely an entertaining, visually and conceptually captivating creation.

It’s very rare when a song and video exist in a state of harmony both together and apart. By saying this, I mean that in any form, the idea of “Pantherland” thrives. At first listen, this groovy and spooky piece stood out among other releases. Often times music can sound redundant and predictable, but this song proves to be an outlier. The strong bass line that dominates the song makes sure that the listener stays attentive to each beat. Each instrument and sound and harmony links fingers in just the right way, creating the perfect sound. Additionally, lead singer James Harker shows off his smooth falsetto for most of the song. It’s a feat to be able to create such a groovy single with such a mysterious undertone.

The music video carries on these same vibes, staying true to the song’s title of “Pantherland.” The editing and concept caught my attention immediately. It’s entirely unique and creative, with musicians wearing panther masks and noses that bleed blue. The color use in the video creates a clear mood again and again. It’s the kind of video that you don’t just watch once. Artistically, in every aspect, Ghost Soul Trio know what they’re doing.

This is their second release since this Columbus band’s 2016 EP entitled Sinking Moon. Even more excitingly, “Pantherland” marks their first single off their debut album, Too Many Futures, to be released on March 12, 2019. Joe Amadio, Nate Gelfand, and James Harker have been hard at work to create this masterpiece, and guessing by the quality of their first release, Too Many Futures is an album to keep an eye out for.

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