Bambi by Hippo Campus

By Kristen Roberts

Cover photo by Pooneh Ghana

Cover photo by Pooneh Ghana

Hippo Campus has released a new single “Bambi,” which shares a title with their upcoming album set to release on September 28th. The Minnesota based band released another single titled “Passenger” back in June, which will also make an appearance on the album. Based off of these two inspiring songs alone, Hippo Campus’s album could not come soon enough.

“Bambi” is such a comforting song to me, which is ironic because the lyrics seem to be based out of anxiety. The band has allowed themselves to be vulnerable and open with their lyrics in this song. “Passenger” was also a very raw and personal song, which makes me so excited for this upcoming album. The heavy lyricism of “Bambi” hit home for many. Listening to “Bambi” is like being in the middle of an identity crisis, but still remaining hopeful for what comes next. For me, the song really emphasizes self doubt and the normality of it. Everyone has faced times of uncertainty and the lyrics of the song confront that experience head on with lines such as: “I think that I’m living, if you could call it living, so brash and unforgiven.” The song also addresses the way our own personal battles can affect our friends.

The single’s stuttering melody compliments the theme of anxiety and doubt, while providing the listener with a bumping beat. I am also a little obsessed with the music video. The director, Kyle Sauer, created a world where everything is just a little off. The bold colors and mind bending visuals match perfectly with the song.

Hippo Campus has also announced the “Bambi” tour, which kicks off in Milwaukee on October 5th and I cannot wait to see the band explore these emotional new songs on the tour. But until then, just listen to “Bambi” on repeat.

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