The Rabbit Hole EP by Ashe

By Sophie Minello


Ashe will soon be a well known artist to passionate music listeners everywhere, though she’s already made a name for herself in the community. Originally known for her work with artists such as Louis The Child, Whethan, and Big Gigantic, she now steps into solo work with her new EP The Rabbit Hole. Through this release she shows listeners just how much character she has in her. She states, “This being my first body of work, it was really the first time I was able to put so many different sounds, ideas, and facets of myself into one project. It’s ultimately one psychedelic collective sound that represents me, dipped in weirdness and soaked in love.” The Rabbit Hole reveals Ashe’s smooth ability to move between driving pop songs like “After Life” and “Choirs” to the swaying sounds of “Real Love” and “Wrong Side of Myself.” Not only is her voice exceptional, but somehow she manages to make all the songs feel timeless by constantly putting forward catchy hooks and melodies. A trip through this collection of song will leave one feeling nostalgic, swimming in past feelings.

This EP does indeed feel like a rabbit hole of emotion. Ashe touches upon many subjects that almost anyone can relate to, especially in the track “Sometimes People Suck.” This fun song showcases meaningful lines such as “Hey now / sometimes people suck, I know / it’s all over in a minute / pretty soon you’ll forget it.” Through her highly relatable lyricism, she takes this EP and makes it into an opportunity to make new friends in her fans. She stands by their sides and tells them they aren’t alone in their emotions.

Aside from her captivating vocals, the branding of this EP alone is enough to draw one to this creation. All of Ashe’s promotional photos as well as the album cover are eye-catching, somehow perfectly representing her music. It’s fun, creative, and colorful; all qualities that the music possesses. The Rabbit Hole puts forth solely strong, charismatic songs, and it’s hard to deny that Ashe has anything but a promising future for her solo music adventures.


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