Dorian Gray by Michael K.

Review by Sophie Minello



Kristin Robinson, the brain behind Michael K., presented the world with her debut single today... and the world should be pretty excited about it. With this single, Robinson takes the wheel and steers straight towards bliss. The release is entitled Dorian Gray, and it begins with an eerie tone. The intro feels like driving through a tunnel at night, when the fluorescent lights bounce off the tiles, flickering and blurring as you speed past them. Then Robinson’s smooth voice slides in like a drop of paint in water and creates a different mood. Something inviting, that pulls you in immediately. The melodies showcase Robinson’s flawless falsetto with lines like, “Oh my love I thought I knew, but who are you?”

The song lives in a suspenseful world, which connects well with Robinson’s inspiration for this piece. Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is about a well-known artists named Basil Hallward who meets a dashing and beautiful young man named Dorian Gray. However, Robinson decided to focus on the themes of this novel: appearance vs. reality. This theme is revealed in lines like, “I guess that you can be something I can’t see.”

With the ability to craft an atmosphere, a movie scene, a storyline, through her music and melodies in a rare and skillful way, Michael K. is not an artist to overlook, there is only excitement for what she has in store for us.

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