More to Love by Queen of Jeans

By Sophie Minello


Queen of Jeans are very appropriately named, since they really are becoming queens of the music industry. This week they released a new single entitled “More to Love” and made an extremely exciting announcement of their forthcoming album, Dig Yourself, out March 30th through Topshelf Records. This release follows their 2016 self titled EP and single “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

“More to Love” opens with the trademark three voice harmony of Miriam, Nina, and Matheson, carrying an almost eerie noise to pull listeners in. Immediately, their care-free and powerful sounds join together to create the summer-y vibes showcased “More to Love.” Queen of Jeans builds you a cloud to float upon while you witness the magic of this new release. Later when the background harmonies are brought to the center of attention they no longer seem daunting. They feel familiar, and pull you in in an entirely different way. It’s difficult to feel down after listening to this intoxicatingly upbeat song.

Queen of Jeans are a band to remember, full of powerful all female group, demanding attention and refusing to be ignored. Along with their strong songwriting skill, Queen of Jeans have a strong message. In fact, the band formed to combat the stereotypes of females in the music industry, or lack thereof. They continue their message of empowerment and awareness by donating some of the proceeds for their album to the Trevor Project, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Planned Parenthood. With killer music and a killer cause, Queen of Jeans make it hard not to jump at the chance to support their debut.

Listen here, Preorder here.

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