Keep It In by Half Waif

By Sophie Minello

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in a different dimension? Somewhere futuristic and dreamy, where the world you live in fades away? Well, Half Waif has the superpower to take you to that place.

A week ago, they released their new song “Keep It In” accompanied by a dreamy new video. This video makes it a little easier to visualize the kind of dimension that Half Waif takes you to with their music; filled with muted colors, diamond heads, and interpretive dancing. The song dances in your mind the way the dancers dance in the video, making shuddering movements look graceful. The end of the video reveals frontwoman Nandi Rose Plunkett in a box, her outfit showing the only touch of color in the video, isolated from the rest.

At first I wasn’t sure how to interpret this video. The songs seems to have a clear message of isolation accompanied with a yearning for others. This message is shown through lyrics such as “I’ll keep you out / so you never see me unraveling” and “If everybody is searching for the same shelter / why does anyone think it's theirs to know?”. However, the video leaves much room for interpretation. Fighters prepare for a showdown, but instead end up in a captivating dance. Onlookers have diamond heads and seem to move in a group. There's something about not understanding a creation that makes it so much more beautiful and intricate. I found it interesting how the video and song can be separated from each other, each emulating their own outer dimensional vibes.

“Keep It Out” is an unbelievably strong single to release in anticipation for their new album, Lavender, out April 27th. It’s surely something that sticks with you.

You can pre-order the album here:

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