Growing Pains by COIN

By Anthony Sennett


The indie phenomenon COIN has blessed us with the brand new track, ‘Growing Pains.’ I first found out about this band through their self titled debut album. It’s an infectious and, now, insanely nostalgic listen. Hearing those songs live for the first time in October of 2015 elevated my admiration for them. Their second album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, showed the band heading into new territories. They experimented more with the sonic landscape they dwelled on in the first album. Now, with their first song of 2018, they dive deeper. ‘Growing Pains’ is an exciting step for the band. This production is filled with so many glistening embellishments and sonic moments, but the transitions never feel out of place or forced. The anthemic, vast sound of the final chorus is glorious and explosive. Lyrically, it blends sentiments reminiscent of Don’t Cry 2020 and I Don’t Wanna Dance, giving the emotions an expanded perspective. Chase showcases the fickle complexities of youth and coming of age as perfectly as Saoirse Ronan did in Lady Bird. He gives a clear cut explanation of this song a few seconds in, singing ‘I’m losing it lately.’ ‘Growing Pains’ has evolved past the question of HWYKIYNT: Since their minds aren’t completely saturated with thoughts on the eminent future and their legacy, they’ve begun questioning their current state of mind. They are trying to make the most of their youth, but they aren’t quite sure who or what will satisfy them the most. As Chase conveys these sentiments through wonderful lyrics, his vocal delivery effortlessly glides from robust to gentle to heavenly. So many moments are standouts, and I can’t help but smile everytime I listen. COIN continues to prove their strength as a band, and this track is even more evidence of their greatness.

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