Into the Moon by Casey Dubie

By Sophie Minello


They won’t believe,

But they haven’t seen me fall asleep.

Why try to wake them?

Follow you into the moon.

Into The Moon is the title of Texas based singer-songwriter Casey Dubie’s extraordinary debut album. Not only is this release a unique and entracing collection of songs, but this album highlights the importance of all kinds of human relationships.

It begins with “Silver,” a strong opening track. Immediately, it fills listeners with light emotions. Showing Dubie’s soft, flowy vocals, the song has a magical undertone. Wind chimes hum in the background, synths stitch themselves together in just the right ways, a slide guitar sways. A blanket of peacefulness is laid across the listener and sits upon them for the entire journey of the album. As the song progresses, it slowly layers with sounds that elevate it and brings in new emotions. In Silver, Dubie lets you climb into a boat with her and begin your journey throughout this album.

Next comes “Confetti”, the album’s debut single, with swirls in a more upbeat tone. The feeling it evokes can be compared to the emotions of street lights flying by as you rush down a vacant nighttime road. The listener feels completely free and they wrap themselves in this catchy, indie pop song. Every song proves to be a vivid experience of its own.

The whole album, though sticking with the alternative pop sound, has more depth than just that one genre. At times the songs are haunting, tip-toeing softly across one’s ears. These are evident through soft ballads like the captivating “Wolf,” the moving “It’s Too Late,” and the powerful “Into the Moon.” This title track especially brings out a haunted vibe, starting with what sounds like a old film camera rolling. This track stood out to me from the beginning, evoking such an inexplicable emotion. The closest I can get to describing it is that it sounds like stars, far away and mysterious. Additionally, the music video is absolutely captivating. The strength and depth of this song represents the wonders of this album overall, and serves as a perfect title track.

With a blend of unusual instruments such as trumpets, wind chimes, and slide guitar, Casey Dubie’s debut proves to be a stunner. The songwriting, voice, and production mesh together to create a completely magical world for listeners. Even her heavier ‘pop’ songs hold a calming and unique quality when paired with Dubie’s vocal style. This album feels as natural as the flow of water or, perhaps, the phases of the moon.


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