Run My Mouth by Spirit of the Bear

Review by Sophie Minello


Today, Spirit of the Bear released their first single of ‘Run my Mouth’ since the release of their album ‘Remains’ in April of 2016. The wait was well worth it, as this song is promised to make you bop your head. It begins with a catchy beat, starting with a strong bass line and some calming background hums. Then, in comes frontman James Harker’s voice with the lyrics, “I keep to myself / staring at the sky / thrown into life / it’s all a lie”. The groove carries throughout the whole song, heard in the way each instrument complements the others. The chorus shows off James’ smooth falsetto, as well as the band’s talent in writing unique melodies. This song has serious Hippo Campus vibes, and fans of that band are bound to fall head over heels for Spirit of the Bear. ‘Run My Mouth’ was the first release from their new album 'Fade into Blue', out November 24th. If the rest of the album is as good as this release, the 24th is a date to note on the calendars.

Listen to Run My Mouth here.


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