Antisocialites by Alvvays

By Anthony Sennett


Alvvays is a wonderful indie pop band. The band originated in Toronto during 2011. In 2014, they released their self titled debut album, which is an ethereal and witty adventure. You have a new favorite song every time you listen. They went quiet for the first few months of 2017, and returned gloriously with the promising lead single 'In Undertow.' It showed the growth to come on the album, and had fantastic lines such as 'can't buy in to astrology, won't rely on the moon for anything.' Antisocialites, the new album, finds the band with an evolved sound that doesn't lose the great essence of their debut. They integrate more grit and a denser soundscape into this track list, while maintaining the fantastic ambience they're known for. Tracks such as Hey and Your Type are some of the most upbeat songs the band has released, and expand their sound into great new directions. The wonderful lyricism shines on almost every track. The more mellow 'Already Gone' brings a much needed change of pace. It is a beautifully tragic and melancholy track that makes for what I feel is one of the best moments on the record. Every part of the bands' sound is so essential, and blends so well. Kerri MacLellan's vocals never fail to bring a wonderful stability and angelic tone to every track. The record comes to a close with the track 'Forget About Life,' which is a perfectly simple and blissful way to end it all. Alvvays' return has done anything but disappoint, and shows that they have a long career ahead.

Best Tracks : Already Gone, In Undertow

Listen to Antisocialites here.

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