Musings by Little Image

Review by Cayla Coomer

Dallas, Texas band Little Image release their debut album "Musings" on August 11, 2017. We were able to give it an early listen, here's what we thought:


1. Goodbye.

Goodbye could not be more fitting, it's eerie in the most beautifully cheerful way. It's preparing your ears for the storyline of the album.

2. Bottles

Bottles starts off quiet, with a strong guitar line. This song, like all the others, is incredibly dynamic. Little Image presents such strong harmonies throughout the album that carry on throughout this song. The lyrics are striking, with lines such as, “anything, anymore, you bottle your love so tightly.”

3. 2414

2414 is probably my favorite track off this album, this song is so lovely, you can hear the longing in each word, and the lyrics are so beautifully put together to tell a story of loving someone but having distance an obstacle.

4. Dear Orphan

Dear Orphan is the only track on the album that was released prior to ‘Musings’, but still it fits in just right with the new ones. It starts off with a catchy drum sequence that slowly pulls you in. Like many of the songs on the album, the song is constantly picking up pace and creating build up through the instruments and the voices.

5. I Guess I'm Not A Part Of Your Dreams

I Guess I'm Not Apart Of Your Dreams, as Jackson said in a previous interview with us, is a song has a lot of depth. You can feel that heaviness in the intro. This song has a powerful story, and message behind it, if you listen to the lyrics "maybe I am what you need, maybe I good plan B" and the haunting chants "what did I do? what did I do to you anyway?" will send shivers down your spine.

6. Prin

Prin begins with a soft guitar melody, and it doesn’t take long to realize this is a love song. If you close your eyes you might be able to imagine yourself in a garden, surrounded by dazzling greenery and flowers. It takes you to a whole different place.

7. Walls

Walls is a beautiful song that captures putting yourself behind large barriers, and letting loneliness take over. I can see a lot of From Indian Lakes heavily inspired throughout this song.

8. Fly a Kite

Fly a Kite shows Little Image’s true style. If you can recall watching Mary Poppins as a child, the song ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ should be draped in happiness and depict a beach like scene. With Little Image’s rendition, it paints a whole new picture, for it surely has a sadder undertone that Mary Poppins doesn’t possess.

9. Cardboard Box Spaceship

Cardboard Box Spaceship pulls heart strings, growing up and moving out to better things. This is the one most creative song I've heard in a while, lyrically outstanding, and unique, instrumentally stunning.

10. We Are Okay.

We Are Okay ends off this album with an instrumental with a lot of movement, and funky time signatures. "We're all gonna be just fine, just fine"


Overall this album has such a vivid story line, each song flows together so perfectly. Little Image has a big future ahead of them, with the interesting time signatures, and intricate lyrics, this album will truly take them on a journey.

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