Super Far by LANY

By Jade Pike

David O’Donohue delivers a stunning video for LANY’s single “Super Far”. During the rush of tour, it can be hard to document the memories, but David proved that this can be done. Capturing bittersweet moments from the band’s recent tour around Asia, the video covers everything from pre-show soundchecks to exploring the market streets. As the lyrics of the song discuss the difficulties of touring, there is a juxtaposition with footage of the band excitedly performing. Personal moments are documented throughout the video, giving insight into each member's personality. Les, guitarist, is seen getting tattooed, while Paul, lead singer, is pictured dancing onstage and interacting with the crowd. Viewers come out of this video feeling closer to the band than ever. From someone who hasn’t had the chance to catch them live, I felt as if I was right there on tour with them. Filled with uplifting moments, this is a video you will not forget.

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