The Peace and The Panic by Neck Deep

Review by Jade Pike

Cover Photo by Elliott Ingham

Cover Photo by Elliott Ingham

Recently, I have come to find that Neck Deep is a band of pure honesty. Not one song of theirs is written under the influence of the industry or the desire to become a radio hit. With their third studio album, ‘The Peace and The Panic’, Neck Deep takes this approach of music to the next level.

Highlighting the unique sound from previous albums, while also incorporating some new style, this album brings it all. From heart-filled acoustics such as “Wish You Were Here” and “19 Seventy Sumthin’” to alternative-based tracks like “Parachute”, this record has something everyone can enjoy. Singles “Happy Judgement Day” and “Where We Go When We Go” highlight current events and give perspective to the hardships of the world as well. Being the first taste of the album, music videos for these singles bring a darker twist to the record. Lead singer, Ben Barlow, gives a lesson on how to survive worldwide catastrophe in the video for  “Happy Judgement Day”. It takes a vintage approach to the subject, including black and white animations of nuclear explosions. In “Where We Go When We Go”, the band is faced with a life threatening situation. It gives insight into the importance of living life to the fullest potential. These visuals contribute to the aesthetic of the album in the most brilliant way. They are created with such precision and consideration into how they will affect the viewers, leaving an intense emotional impact.

With a feature from Sam Carter, lead singer of the band Architects, comes track “Don’t Wait”. The song discusses manipulation by the media and encourages individualism. Personally, I believe this is the strongest track on the album. The amount of effort put into the songwriting process is clear. This song is extremely relevant to the modern day and reflects on the news as shown in the media. I believe something relatable can come out of this song, no matter who is listening to it, and it is definitely a track you will not want to skip over.

Neck Deep has proven their talents once again with this record. Although a much different approach was taken in the recording process, the outcome is still the band we all know and love. With strong guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and lyrics that come from the heart, this album has everything a pop punk record needs to succeed.

Listen to The Peace and The Panic here.

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