I Feel It On The Back Of My Neck by From Indian Lakes

By Sophie Minello

Just shy of a year since their latest album release of Everything Feels Better Now, Joey Vannucchi of From Indian Lakes presented the world with “I Feel It On The Back Of My Neck” on September 21st.

Though Vannucchi had posted clips of the song on his instagram story a few times within the past months, the song took fans by surprise. It opens with the words of the song title, muttered in a static like tone that blends in with the static sound fading in and out. When the instruments and rapid baseline jump in, the song feels like a race.

At first listen, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Of course, I knew it would grow on me (since it’s From Indian Lakes), but the song was so far out of my comfort zone that it couldn’t click with me immediately. In a way, I think that’s something Joey was aiming for with this release. It’s evident throughout his 4 albums that he doesn’t like to continuously follow the same genre as the last. This release has qualities of EFBN, but also possess more intense sounds. The chaotic mixture of instruments contrasts the softness of Vannucchi’s voice throughout the verses and chorus. The pre-chorus of “You know I’m holding up your hands / while you’re asleep” is accompanied by background vocals of Vannucchi just speaking out the words on top of the melody. This part was very interesting to me, because it felt off, but in the best way possible. Vannucchi presents an oxymoron of a song that makes you feel uncomfortable and so comfortable at the same time. And of course, I always admire his use of uncommon time signatures that pushes a listener a little further.

The song was accompanied by a retro looking video animated by Garner Dumas with illustrations by Devan Flaherty, as well as the pre-order of a purple 7” and zine entitled FIL(M). The video alone is a work of art, and I definitely pre-ordered the merch within a minute of hearing about it. Sadly, the zine is sold out, but you can still purchase the vinyl here

With a name like “I Feel It On The Back Of My Neck”, this release gives you everything you’d expect it to and more. Seeing how Vannucchi truly stepped out of the box with this release, there is much anticipation for the creations that might follow.

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