If Blue Could Be Happiness by Florist

Review by Anthony Sennett


Florist is a Brooklyn based indie pop band. Since 2013, they have been creating some great music. Their most recent record is named 'If Blue Could be Happiness.' Two major re-occurring themes in this record are light and, obviously, blue. Their exploration of color throughout this journey is truly fascinating and remarkable. Florist has fairly dark and contemplative lyrics coated in an endearing atmosphere. Their simplistic instrumentals are amazing. Although the record is beautiful, it crosses the line from cohesiveness to monotony. The songs can blend together and make each individual song less impactful. As with every album, the more you listen, the more distinct each song becomes. Even if you only listen once, the monotony does not truly hurt the record. The album opens strong with 'Blue Mountain Road.' It is a beautiful tune that sets the tone thematically and stylistically for the rest of the record. This song, and many others, could be read as a poem. The third track is what I consider to be the strongest moment on the record. 'The Fear of Losing This' is gorgeous and melancholy. Some of the best lyrics on the record appear here, and the song perfectly concludes with 'but nothing is mine to keep.' Another highlight is 'Understanding Light,' a serene song with an enchanting melody and thought provoking lyrics. The album reaches its climax with 'If Blue Could be Happiness.' This track puts the most emphasis on lyricism involving colors and makes for a poignant and solemn moment. The overall experience is wonderful and charming. This is the type of record that can completely change your mood for the best. It is the perfect length as well. I see potential with this band, and I hope they continue to evolve in the future.  

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