August Anthems

Notable releases during the month of August (in no particular order).


  1. Who Are You Now by Madison Cunningham 

  2. Death of Neon by String Machine

  3. Safe and Also No Fear by Slaughter Beach, Dog

  4. Wild Blue Pt. I by Hunter Hayes

  5. If You’re Not Afraid I’m Not Afraid by Queen of Jeans

  6. Lover by Noah Gundersen

  7. Forever Turned Around by Whitney

  8. Immunity by Clario

  9. Any Human Friend by Marika Hackman

  10. Basking in the Glow by Oso Oso


  1. Not How it’s Supposed to Go by Ashe

  2. Then Again by Half Moon Run

  3. ULS by From Indian Lakes

  4. Lucky Soul by Clubhouse

  5. Stay Open by Maya Hawke

  6. People by the 1975

  7. Joshua Snakes by Common Holly

  8. Moment by Pinegrove

  9. The Darkness Has a Voice by Amber Run

  10. Take Care by Sasami

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