April Showers


Notable new music that came out in the great month of April

Bachelorette by Ashe

  • This song was on repeat for the entirety of the month. Being the second single off Ashe’s new EP Moral of the Story: Chapter 1, released later in the month, it’s sound was stunning. Ashe’s delicate and steady vocals proclaim an uneasiness in her relationship, singing “It’s not fair if you leave it up to me / I can’t be the one to decide for us… I’m going to lose you.” I appreciate Ashe’s ability to share her story so honestly.

Overlap by Catfish and the Bottlemen

  • Their new album, The Balance, has been anticipated for months. Indeed, each song proved to be a completely amazing and captivating. It’s non stop movement, making listeners feel like they’re at a live show. This album showcases a more personal point of view, as it’s as if Van is in conversation with the listener. It’s a non-stop pop kind of album.

My Love by Ludic

  • Ayla Tesler-Mabe, guitarist of Calpurnia branched out and became the from woman of her own band, Ludic. Their first single is an entirely groovy and fun piece. So many different influences can be picked out of this song; rock classic, jazz, pop. It mixes them in the best way. Ayla’s voice is piercing and beautiful. It’s hard not to feel free after giving this song a listen.

Supernatural by Valley Maker

  • Valley Maker never fails in creating an entire landscape, full of beautiful scenery and soft colors, through their music. Immediately the song sings, “It’s supernatural / just like my last life / Light underwater / I’m bathing in time.” This song sounds like old wisdom, with a soft trumpet in the background and some calming slide guitars.

Went Right Down by Giant Rooks

  • Giant Rooks must be one of my favorite bands right now, which is pretty impressive. This month they released their 2nd EP titled Wild Stare. The EP closes with “Went Right Down,” which showcases such musical genius. There isn’t a dull moment.

Hello Moon by Field Medic

  • Known for his soft, honest lyrics, Field Medic released an album during this month. Looking at the song titles, I decided to click on “Hello Moon” first (I know, I’m terrible for not listening in chronological order). The sound flowed throughout me, bringing a calm and beauty. I feel like Field Medic is able to bring us into his own little world through his music. His music has a certain whimsical style that he’s constantly leaning on and growing with.

The Grind by Remo Drive

  • Remo do not disappoint! Upon the announcement of their new album, they threw out a two song release. I feel blessed. Each moment in “The Grind” is exciting. The drum beat hits some chord in your emotions that makes you want to scream the lyrics.

Little Trouble by Better Oblivion Community Center

  • The entire existence of Better Oblivion Community Center is a gift. They dropped a surprise new single that they had played in their most recent tour. The song hops around with its silly, interesting lyrics. It sings, “They tell you you were famous in some past life / but now you’re just a regular joe / your cover is blown.”

Honorable mentions:

  1. Apricots & Onions by Jimmy Lo Fi

  2. The Seed by AURORA

  3. Flatline by Orla Gartland

  4. Sofa Bed by Con Davison

  5. Out for Blood by Heart Attack Man

  6. Theory of Emotion by Del Water Gap

  7. High by Slow Pulp

  8. My Mother & I by Lucy Dacus

  9. Doom Days by Bastille

  10. Vanilla Baby by Billie Marten

  11. Getaway by Wild Party

  12. Redacted by Gabe Goodman

  13. Monday by Quarter Roy

  14. Ping Pong Tourney by Tunnel Songs

  15. Love is Overtaking Me by Hank

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