Body Positivity

By Cayla Coomer

In honor of National Women’s Day, I decided to share about body positivity, and learning to love yourself.
We live in a world that is full on insecure women, and we all strive to be something unrealistic.
We work ourselves dry to try to get rid of our back fat, and big thighs.
Instead of focusing on loving ourselves, we focus on making our bodies look a certain way to impress people.
If we made an effort to start admiring who we are, and starting looking at ourselves with positive eyes, how different things would be.
We are all uniquely made, nothing about us is ugly, I’m tired of constantly being down on myself, and seeing people around me speak so loudly on how much they despise themselves.
We are all strong, and face things every single day, we have no reason to bash on ourselves so harshly.
For this day, look at yourself.. like REALLY look at yourself. Look at the scars, the blemishes, the cellulite.. those are your battle scars and they are beautiful.

Sunlight Magazine