Real Jobs

By Michael Monohan

Is that even a real job?

A question a lot of people face. It is a real job isn't it? Well, atleast thats what you ask yourself.
You carry out a specific task in return for an agreed price, so it can be defined as a job. But, is it a 'real' one?

Will you have regular hours? Will you have a steady pay? If you answered no to both of the above then chances are, according to the larger society, the job in question isn't a real one. You need a steady income, what if you stop getting gigs? You need regular hours, what if someone cancels a gig? You're living on the line with a job like that. Where will it take you? Where will you be in 10 years? Still playing music? I doubt it. Go get a proper, 9-5, steady job. It'd be the safer thing to do, wouldn't it?

If you're considering a career in the arts then chances are you've a fair idea of what i'm talking about. You've had other people doubt you, you've even had your own doubts. The future that once looked so bright has taken on a darkened tint. You don't know if things will work out, you might not have the safety of a college degree or the guarantee of employment. Doubt can be frightening and hope can be dangerous.

But, you have to ignore your doubts and embrace your hopes. More often than not the risk is worth it and if something goes wrong at least you'll have a story to tell. Don't let a societal norm hold you back. You will inevitably face people claiming that what you do isn't a 'real job', you will have people attempt to discredit you, you will have lows. None of that matters, let your life take its own course, choose your own winds to sail, leave your own mark on the world. Everyone has a hobby and if you have the opportunity to turn something you love into a career then why not take the chance, if you don't you might just end up regretting it.

So, where does that leave you? You've let you mind ponder the options, you've rummaged through various career paths and you've evaluated your choices. Your future is in your hands. Your destiny is your own to mould. You can take the leap, you know that deep down in the crevices of your thoughts that you can, so whats stopping you? Nothing. Next time you're asked if it is a real job, don't ask yourself if it is, ask yourself if it matters.

Sunlight Magazine