Potty Mouth


Trans Pecos in Queens, New York

By Carly Tagen-Dye

Almost anything sounds more fun than a show at one o’clock on a Thursday morning. The lull of the midweek grind hangs heavy in the air, and the grogginess of having to get up in a few short hours for work or school is as present as the drunks hanging around outside. LA based rock band Potty Mouth, however, tossed all of those preconceptions right back onto the dingy streets of Queens. Their late night show at Trans-Pecos last week proved that even the most unwieldy of gigs can be the ones that will have your heart pumping and head banging; the kind of pleasant surprise that a rock fan can hope for.

Comprised of Abby Weems on vocals/guitar, Ally Einbinder on bass, and Victoria Mandanas on drums, Potty Mouth brings forth all the best that punk, pop, and rock has to offer. Songs like “Smash Hit” emphasize the joy of a gritty guitar, while tracks like “Liar” and “22” bring forth catchy, yet painfully relatable, lyrics.Though their NYC show was short, Potty Mouth more than made the most of their time. Between sudden switches in instruments and the electrifying energy bounced off of each other, the band certainly left their crowd with ringing ears and a desire for more. It was more than the perfect introduction to a group that is certainly going to be on my playlists for the rest of the season. 

Potty Mouth are hitting the road this fall with PUP and illuminati hotties. Make sure to grab your tickets fast and head to the show early; this band is one worth any trek.

Sunlight Magazine