Sixteen Jackies/Deeper/The Districts


Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY

By Carly Tagen-Dye

On February 9, I headed out into the Brooklyn cold to catch yet another show at the legendary hole-in-the-wall, Baby’s All Right. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve only had good experiences. Baby’s is the venue responsible for my New York music scene awakening, introducing me to the musty backrooms of the city, and all of the great musicians that pass through it. That night was no different. The line-up was impeccable - Sixteen Jackies, Deeper, and the Districts all on one bill. It was the last show of the District’s Fuzzy Dice tour, and a sold-out crowd waited with enthusiastic anticipation. I could tell right away that it was going to be an intense night.

Opening up first was Philadelphia’s Sixteen Jackies. A band best known for their glam rock style and ripping setlist, they did not disappoint, winning over their New York City crowd with ease. Lead singer Joey DeMarco strutted around stage in a dress and Doc Martens, stopping only to put on a hockey mask to channel his inner Jason Voorhees.The lo-fi of guitarist Jeremiah Bull, along with the soft bump from dummer Ian Staley, added to the group’s less than subtle sound, Tim Davis keeping everyone steady on bass. It was hard not to swing along to songs like “Power”, or bang your head to the 60’s-esque “Movie Was Bad”. They succeeded in getting everyone riled and ready.

Deeper was up next, bringing a bit of Chicago grit along with them to the East Coast. They played old favorites from their debut LP, lead singer Nic Gohl energizing the crowd with his electrifying vocals. Drew McBride kept the group’s pulse running, while drummer Shiraz Bhatti handled the backbeat and guitarist Mike Clawson struck chords with nonchalance. I have been a fan of Deeper for a while, but getting to finally see them live was better than I anticipated. Watching the girls next to me freak out over the magic that is “Message Erased”, and having an entire room seem to sway to songs like “Pavement” was both heartwarming and unsurprising. Deeper has a way of keeping your attention throughout their entire set - they even ended up pulling an audience member onstage, accompanying them on a banana shaped maraca. It’s only fun with these guys/

This insane night of music came full circle once the Districts finally arrived onstage. By then, energy levels were high, and the crowd was fully able to indulge in everything the band had to offer. Though I hadn’t really listened to their music as frequently, coming into the show with that fresh perspective made it all the more memorable. The thundering bass and breakneck beat, courtesy of Connor Jacobus and Braden Lawrence had me moving, the group’s wailing songs enveloping everything. The moshers were in full swing, putting their all into every track, and supporting lead singer Rob Grote as he crowd surfed. I could see the pure joy etched into their faces, eyes bright, mouths shouting back every lyric as loudly as they could. The Districts closed out their US tour in the only way they knew how - one that would leave everyone deaf and delighted.

It is safe to say that Sixteen Jackies, Deeper, and the Districts left their mark on Brooklyn. If you ever have the chance to see any one of these bands live, take advantage.They are sure to put on an incredible, high energy show - no matter where you are.


Sunlight Magazine