Japanese Breakfast

Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ

By Gabby Cabacab

Asbury Lanes has officially become my favorite venue of 2018. Why is that, you ask? Simple, it’s a bowling alley, diner, and music venue that books a great number of incredible, diverse acts. Take this wonderful Friday night show with two women on the bill as a perfect example.

Gabby’s World, our opening act, was an absolute delight to watch. Lead by Gabrielle Smith, this Brooklyn native stole our hearts with airy vocals and an incredibly fun arrangement of synth, guitar bass, and drums. With a bedroom-pop vibe paired with hauntingly poetic lyrics, they made an incredible transition into the main act.

Japanese Breakfast came on stage for the first time since Summer 2018 and they did not disappoint one bit. Performing favorites from their 2016 debut Psychopomp and 2017 sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another Planet, Michelle Zauner (Vocals, Guitar) transported us into another world. The air of the venue felt like how a dream would, as if Zauner has you floating, following her as if she’s your tour guide of the innerworks of her mind.

Watching these women officially close my 2018 of live music brought to mind how important representation is in this industry. In this case, the representation of not only women, but specifically women of color. As we enter 2019, let’s branch into our music scenes and show an immense amount of support for these women in an industry that is dominated by men. If you see a woman on the bill of a show in your town, give them a listen and go see what they’re about. Encourage your favorite bands to invite female artists on the road with them. Hire women photographers, roadies, technicians, and tour managers. In 2019, let’s stop sleeping on female artists and give them the support that they deserve.

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