Lord Huron

By Sophie Minello and Cayla Coomer

A rambunctious crowd grew louder as they awaited Lord Huron, a popular band from Los Angeles, CA that ended up selling out a crowd at the cozy House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. The excitement heightened in the packed room as lights dimmed slowly, revealing a green backlight that set the mood for the concert perfectly. The symbol from Lord Huron’s latest album, Vide Noir, shineed bright green at the center of the stage.

I could feel the happiness in the room and see the smiles on the audience’s faces as the guitar filled the speakers, the crowd continuously erupts in cheers during their opening song, “Ancient Names, Pt. 1”. Frontman Ben Schneider took the stage with force, pacing around when he wasn’t giving it his all at the microphone. His strong yet poised voice filled the venue in waves, and it was obvious why this band had sold out the venue.

As the second song “Meet Me In The Woods” begins, bodies in the crowd bounce to the beat, screaming the lyrics. Purple lights transcend over their faces, and it’s evident how lost they are in the blissful music being played in front of them. Their setlist moves on with hits such as “Ends of the Earth,” “Back from the Edge,” and “The Balancer’s Eye.” Halfway through the show, the energy was still as high as it was to begin, and people hold their hands in the air and sway to the music. Even in the back of the crowd, people sipped their drinks and nodded their heads to the beat.

Moving myself to a different angle in one of the balconies above, I see mouths wording the lyrics with eyes closed to soak in the music. You can see how the words they make them feel whole, you can feel that from a mile away.

A voice over surrounds the venue, captivating everyone’s attention as the band takes a moment to soak in the crowds energy and take a swig of water. The voice over speaks in a commanding tone and makes the venue feel like a different world. Lord Huron throw in the swirling lights of a projector to make sure that you feel like you’re in a spaceship to simpler times. Through the music and visuals of their stunning live show, Lord Huron makes sure to transport you to new worlds.

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