Lucy Dacus

By Sophie Minello and Cayla Coomer

At 10:30 on July 28th, Lucy Dacus took the stage at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH. The crowd cheered warmly, and the light string of chatter floating around the room dissipated as Dacus took up her guitar.

Local Cleveland artist Holden Laurence and Deau Eyes, a band who’s friends with Dacus, prepared the crowd for Lucy’s graceful entrance. After a long week, people were excited to spend their Saturday time off at this cozy, local venue with these breathtaking bands.

Lucy Dacus made sure to capture everyone’s attention by starting solo. It was evident how she was truly passionate about her music, as it radiates through her melodies and lyrics. Her calming vocals are sure to put anyone’s worries to peace. Immediately, the crowd fell in love with the young Virginia singer.

Her band creeps out from the green room after the first song to fill the presence. “Wanna play?” She asks them as they gear up, making the crowd chuckle. The full band brings a whole new energy to the show, dressing up the songs in catchy beats. The music bubbled up in the room.

Throughout the audience there was swaying and people who were fully present in the moment, feeling the ambient sounds. Her haunting lyrics filled the room along with the streams of guitar sounds to co-aside her, she moved back and forth with the music perfectly content in the sounds that are being creating.

Thanking the crowd after every song, it’s obvious Dacus doesn’t take the crowds presence for granted. She calls out the familiar faces in the crowd that have shown up at prior Cleveland show dates. She really connects with the audience. A Lucy Dacus show is all you need to have a fun, relaxing night.

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