Beach House

United Palace Theatre in New York City

By Gabby Cabacab

For as long as I’ve been listening to Beach House, I’ve been very curious as to how they were able to convey such beautifully immersive and introspective music live, and as it shows, I was pleasantly surprised. Currently on tour for their seventh album, unsurprisingly titled ‘7’, I was lucky enough to experience their magic in The United Palace Theatre in Washington Heights, NYC. This performance was everything that I expected times 10. What I found very unique about this performance, was how far upstage Beach House was located. The distance, in my opinion, was very fitting with such ambient music that they play. The lighting was near hypnotizing, fitting in effortlessly with each song, and resulting in a beautiful silhouette of each member on stage. This performance was straightforward, and raw. No gimmicks, no flashiness, just plain music. The audience was given an excellent opportunity to lose themselves in song, which is exactly what they came for in the end.

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