Big Time Summer Tour

Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, OH

By Sophie Minello

Cain Park can be described as one of the more elegant venues in Cleveland, Ohio. Located in the middle of an actual park,  you’ll be greeted by bikers and joggers minding their own business and enjoying the greenery as you walk up to the gates of this outdoor ampitheater. As the crowds closed in for the night’s show with Punch Brothers, the diversity was obvious. Old couples, parents with their children, work friends looking for a good night out; people of all kinds found their way to this little park.

Before the sun had even set, California born musician Madison Cunningham took the stage with her electric guitar and captivating voice. She fit in with the elegance of the brick walls and greenery that surrounded her, however her flowing red dress made her stand out to even the audience members in the venue’s lawn seating behind the auditorium’s cover.

No one would believe Cunningham was only 21 years old by the quality of her voice. Her singing techniques sound like something you spend decades honing in on, or in Cunningham’s case, you were born with. Not only is her voice entirely captivating, but it sounds timeless. She’s the kind of voice that people float to no matter what decade it is, which might be why this crowd of all different ages sat mesmerized by her performance. Furthermore, it was so easy to get lost in her guitar melodies. Somehow she found a way to make one little guitar sound like a whole fleet.

Next came the Punch Brothers. My jaw was on the floor for the entirety of their nearly two hours set. It’s a wonder how they memorize two hours of such intricate and dynamic music, but I’m glad they did. Their music excited the crowd, and never had a boring moment. Not only did they play countless hits off their newest album All Ashore, but they journeyed all throughout their music discography. They were bound to play your favorite song, and you were bound to find some new favorite songs to add to your list. People walked away from this legendary lineup feeling satisfied and at peace.

Madison Cunningham

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Punch Brothers

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