By Gabby Cabacab

Irving Plaza, New York City

July 14, 2018

They weren’t wrong when they said “The kids are alright”, especially when it comes to this group of four very talented young people. Comprised of Jack Anderson (Bass), Malcolm Craig (Drums), Ayla Tesler-Mabe (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Finn Wolfhard (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), there’s a chance you probably heard about Calpurnia already. They’ve most likely been referred to as “Mike (Finn Wolfhard) from Stranger Things’ band” but, trust me, they deserve to be known as something much more than that. With a sound that may remind you of Twin Peaks, lyrics that make you really curious as to what kind of heartbreak 16 year olds can go through, and stylized with guitar riffs that any parent who grew up listening to classic rock would be proud of, Calpurnia has definitely made sure to leave a very good impression on the indie-rock scene.

Playing their second sold out concert in New York City, this group of musicians took the stage as if they’ve been doing this for years. With fresh energy, and some cracking vocals here and there to remind you of how young they are, Calpurnia was there to have a good time and to show you that age should never play a part when it comes to what you’re passionate about. Drawing in a crowd of rather young people and their parents, Calpurnia played a good selection songs off of their debut EP Scout. To appease to the older part of the crowd, and to show their extensive music knowledge, they also played covers of beloved songs, my favorite of the show being “Don’t Let Me Down” from The Beatles. From what I saw, the crowd, young and old, were very impressed with what Calpurnia brought to the stage, and needless to say I definitely was too.

I leave you with this, when seeing this band live it reminded me about how important it is to encourage young artists and musicians to pursue their passion and hone in on their talent. Calpurnia leaves an everlasting impression on the younger generations to come, showing them that no matter how old you are, you are never too young (or old) to follow your dreams and make your mark. If you believe you can totally withstand the screams of young girls, then snag a ticket quick when they come to a town near you and let them show you that age really is just a number when it comes down to doing something you love with your good friends.

Sunlight Magazine