The Friend, Love, Freefall Tour

Brooklyn Steel in New York City

By Gabby Cabacab

Brooklyn Steel is, hands down, one of my favorite places in New York City. Who knew that an old, run-down warehouse is the perfect backbone to an incredible music venue? Just 5 days after their 1st birthday, Brooklyn Steel was host to a tour that was an all around good time: The Friend, Love, Freefall Tour.

Enter CAAMP. This indie-folk duo hailing from Columbus, Ohio came on stage with nothing but a guitar, a banjo, a bass, a kickdrum...and a 10-gallon hat and yet they drew in so much love and attention from the crowd. With lyrics that paint a picture of home, family, love, and nostalgia before your very eyes alongside upbeat instrumentals, you can’t help but grow attached to this duo and their stories. CAAMP perfectly set a positive tone to the crowd in preparation for the headlining act.

Boone, North Carolina’s Rainbow Kitten Surprise (or RKS) opened their set with the first single off of their brand new album How to: Friend, Love, Freefall, “Fever Pitch”. Starting off with a  slow, rhythm, the song transitions into a fast track that is definitely set to get the crowd ready to have a good time. With the high energy of vocalist, Sam Melo, it seemed nearly impossible to not see groups in the crowd dancing and singing along together.

RKS shows how stylistically diverse their songwriting is by not falling victim to the confines of one specific genre. With songs like, “It’s Called: Freefall”, “Matchbox”, and “Moody Orange”  the band exemplifies their indie-rock, folk, and pop influences paired with a talent for poetic lyricism that tell a story whether Melo is reciting them fast or slow at either a high or low vocal register.

Alongside favorites from their freshman and sophomore album, RKS brought the whole venue down in probably one of the best ways possible. With beautiful lyrics, eclectic instrumentals, and members with energy that go through the roof, it’s no wonder RKS drew in two sold out shows in a row. Sure enough, Rainbow Kitten Surprise definitely let the fever get to New York City on this chilly, Wednesday night. Make sure to catch them on the rest of their tour (if it’s not sold out in your area already, that is)!


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Check out Rainbow Kitten Surprise:

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