By Sophie Minello

Weathers really do know how to captivate room. I was lucky enough to catch the LA band’s show at Baby’s All Right in New York City. It was a Monday night and though the room filled up slowly, it filled up. Aaron Taos opened the show, making listeners sway from him smooth vocals and catchy tunes. His denim on denim outfit was pretty captivating too.

When Weathers stepped out the crowd gathered around the beautifully lighted stage at Baby’s. Frontman Cameron Boyers bounced around the stage making the little venue seem bigger. His infectious energy rippled through the crowd. Their set was full of dance-along songs, filled with banger after banger. After a year or so of silence, the boys had been crafting a whole new collection of hits.

They released Kids in the Night - Pt. 1 this Friday. The EP consisted of “I’m Not Ok”, “1983”, “The Night is Calling”, and “Carry Us Home”. Each song equally catchy and each song equally unique. It’s close to impossible not to dance around to this collection of songs. It’s the kind of music you can blast in your car as you drive home late at night.

Weathers announced that this is only the beginning, as there is another EP on the way, and ultimately an album. After seeing the show, I can vouch that the rest of their songs live up to the hype that Kids in the Night - Pt. 1 created. There are big things in store for this band.


Aaron Taos:

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