Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA

By Sam Schraub

Porches are wrapping up their February/March tour in a couple of weeks. They recently swung by Boston, MA with support from Girl Ray, a self-descibed “estrogen pop” group from London. Porches opened their set with “Now the Water” a synth-driven ballad that’s slow start pulled fans into the sweltering environment of a concert. “Now the Water,” from their new album The House, has lines that connect to songs off of Porches’s previous albums, a factor that made the show seem everlasting with such an opening. The highlight of the show was by far Porches’s performance of “Car.” With just the right beat and an exaggerated cowbell, “Car” was the borderline avant garde song that left the crowd yelling both the lyrics and for "more cowbell.” It was during this song that the small venue in Boston felt like a full-blown nightclub there under the green and pink lights, people sweating profusely from dancing in their glittered body suits and metallic spandex. Despite the dark lyrics of the closing song  “Headsgiving,”  the audience was left smiling and wanting more. Porches are truly a talented group who blend the disillusioned truth of upset feelings with an upbeat instrumental that disrupts the overwhelming sadness of certain lyrics just enough that they still read as relatable and the song comes off as impactful as ever. Be sure to catch them on their tour while you can and check out their new album The House on streaming platforms like Spotify. 


Girl Ray:

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