The Aces

Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH

By Sophie Minello

The Aces are truly a band that stick with you. Opening for COIN, they captivated the crowd with their strong set consisting of solely the most catchy and unique songs. Watching the crowd, you could see people falling in love with the Aces. And if the show isn't enough to convince people that the Aces are the real deal, the girls themselves did. I think they hugged and thanked everyone they crossed paths with. Not only do they have a badass sound, but they have hearts of gold. 

After the Aces set, everyone was on cloud 9, awaiting COIN to take the stage. People danced and sang throughout their pre-show playlist. They were particularly excited about that One Direction song that popped up. Finally, COIN walked out to the beloved Kelly Clarkson song Since You've Been Gone, something that they used to do in 2015. The show was captivating, the crowd sang along louder than the speakers. Everyone watched frontman Chase Lawrence bounce around the stage like a madman with bright eyes. 

The Aces and COIN were a tour match made by the tour gods. Start to finish, the show was a party. These are not bands you want to pass up.

The Aces:

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