Twin Peaks

Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL

By Kayla Thornton

Spending Time Together: A Night with Twin Peaks

Located in the heart of the historic and ever-beautiful Thalia Hall, Twin Peaks graced us with a night to remember and the best way any Chicago local could think to ring in a new year: a Pilsen-party that lasted three nights and made your ears ring with talented local line-ups. With frigid temperatures and a wallet as wanting as we are for warmer weather, I found myself only attending the eve of New Year’s Eve with the dearest of friends, dancing, singing and headbanging like there was no tomorrow(Yet here I am, a week later, writing these words.).

Every night was unique with its spectrum of bands and made for a night to remember, but this Saturday was nostalgic in a way because Post Animal is a local favorite far and wide; there’s a pride to be had when one has been going to their shows since they were playing basement-bangers where no one knew who they were, to sold out shows like this night. If you’ve been listening to them for a while, you’ll know that Joe Keery is one of the guitarists in the band, yet had to leave to shoot the show, Stranger things. Understanding that, one can dream up how he made an appearance for the last song of their set, bringing the crowd to their knees in adoration and excitement.  

Although Post Animal blew our minds, it was local band Dehd that had you feeling like you’ve never been more alive. All I can say about this band is that they are incredible: a three-some creating garage rock with moody beats that give you something to look forward to in your day. I haven’t stopped listening to them since and you shouldn’t, either.

Twin Peaks brings about a Chicago pride to those who call the city home, and we look forward to every time they play with eager anticipation. That said, New Year’s celebration had been long awaited and didn’t disappoint in any way, with a stage set up to feel like home and surrounded by a scene that feels closer than your own family sometimes. They played classic songs such as “Making Breakfast” and “Butterfly”, along with many of their new singles from the sweet ‘17 series they’ve put out in the past year. Twin Peaks rang out the end of the night with confetti and dancing and one too many beers, but a warm feeling in our hearts and a happiness to outlast the years.

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