Backbooth in Orlando, FL

Photos & Words by Jade Pike

Anticipation grew to new levels as the lights went down in the tiny, hole in the wall venue on the night of October 14th. The members of the band Seaway had just taken the stage, and they proved to a sold out crowd that they can put on a show.

As the first chord rang out in the song “Slam”, movement in the pit got a jumpstart. With the line “everything is cool man”, one of the band’s best known lyrics, people were jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs. Energy radiated throughout the room as Ryan interacted with the crowd with every line in the song. During “Something Wonderful”, the audience took a moment to settle down, in order to fully embrace the mood. People swayed back and forth to the beat and arms waved in the air. In a few moments, however, the energy rose again and people were back on their feet, dancing to “Freak” and “Apartment”.

As the set came to an end, the band said a bittersweet thank you to the crowd, and left off with a song known as “Airhead”. The feeling during this song was indescribable. People dove off the high stage into the crowd, embracing these last few moments with the band. Crowd surfers appeared in every direction, all of who were screaming the lyrics back to Ryan and the others. Each individual in the audience contributed to this ecstatic feeling that radiated throughout the room.

With this show being the first of two in the city of Orlando that weekend, they left an astounding first impression. It was nearly unbelievable that these shows had not been the band’s headliners. Seaway is an incredible live band, who never fails to put on an energetic performance. If they happen to be on their way to a city near you, it is a show you will not want to miss.



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