Modern Nostalgia

Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO

Photos & Review by Sydney Wiggs

Love Halloween, emo guys, and awesome music? Then Modern Nostalgia’s the tour for you! With such an amazing lineup, Dreamers, Night Riots, and The Maine, definitely do not disappoint.

I’ve seen Night Riots many times in the past, but seeing them so close to Halloween was a completely surreal experience. They’re extremely theatrical and overly passionate about the greatest holiday of the year. With Jack-O-Lantern lights and a man dressed in a skeleton costume, these guys celebrate year round. They’re not only known for gimmicks relating to Halloween though, they’ve been performing their song “Oh My Heart” for years with all of them playing drums and using light up drumsticks, this time was no different and won over the crowd instantly. They’re also notorious for a setlist that changes with each tour, so you’re always guaranteed to get a special song out of them. This tour’s happened to be “Spiders”, a fan favorite and one of my personal favorites from their Young Lore EP (2013). Their aesthetic and amazing music truly make them one of the greatest live bands. If you ever get a chance to see them, even if it’s not on this tour, definitely go, you won’t regret it!

From their cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries to their big hit, “Sweet Disaster” and their new single, “Painkiller”, Dreamers really wowed the crowd and played a headliner worthy show.  They are so full of energy and genuinely are so passionate about what they do that you can tell it doesn’t matter to them if they’re playing a sold out show or a tiny bar show, as long as they’re getting to play the music they love together.

The Maine have begun playing their entire two most recent albums front to back for this tour, beginning with Lovely Little Lonely and finishing up with American Candy. “Another Night on Mars”, the last track on American Candy, has been a fan favorite since it was released in 2015 and truly symbolizes the love that the fan base has for each other, as well as, the music and getting to see how happy & unified everyone was as they closed the show was so beautiful. Forever and always, The Maine’s fan base shows that they’re truly family.

Definitely don’t sleep on this show, get tickets here while they’re still available!


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