Knuckle Puck

Irving Plaza in New York City

Photos & Review by Gabby Cabacab

Lights dimmed and the crowd went wild as TV screens on stage lit up, setting the mood for what’s to come. Knuckle Puck arrived on stage greeted by screaming fans as they opened up with “Gone”, the first single off of their new album, Shapeshifter. The band performed a good mixture of songs off of their new album such as “Double Helix” and “Want Me Around”, to favorites off of their earlier albums, Copacetic and While I Stay Secluded, like “Evergreen” and “Bedford Falls”. The raw emotions given off from hearing lead singer, Joe Taylor, sing and scream lyrics resonated throughout the crowd. All members of the band brought a unique energy to the stage, thus not being so sure where to look because everyone is always doing something exciting.

I’ve been to many shows of so many genres, but this is the first where I saw how truly involved and captivated the crowd was with the music and artist. Whether it be crowd surfing and opening up mosh pits, to screaming along with emotive lyrics, Knuckle Puck fans made the show just as much of an experience as the group of talented musicians on stage.

If you ever have a chance to catch Knuckle Puck live, take that chance. You won’t regret it, trust me.

Knuckle Puck:


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