Lucy Rose

House of Blues in Cleveland, OH

Photos and Review by Sophie Minello

As Lucy took the stage, a fan ran up and called her name. She looked over to see a bouquet of flowers being handed to her, smiled gratefully, and then began the set. With a warm welcome from the crowd, it was evident Lucy was very loved by her Cleveland crowd. She began the whimsical show with the song ‘Shiver’, one of her most popular songs. Her soft vocals drifted across the seated crowd and brought a peacefulness to the building. The set proved that Lucy could go from a soft and fragile voice, to a strong and powerful one, echoing through the venue. With only a bass, guitar, piano, and violin, the simplicity of the instrument arrangement kept the show feeling intimate. Something about hearing a violin during a live show brings it to a new level, draping the performance in elegance and poise. It surely complemented Lucy’s dreamy vocals. Though the laid back crowd kept up conversations throughout the set, everyone stopped to applaud at the end of her songs, and they erupted in cheers as she and her band waved goodbye. Lucy Rose surely left an impression on the crowd.

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