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Today, Annie Taylor released their new EP, entitled NOT YOURS!. It’s groovy, it’s exciting, and it’s psychedelic. It’s the kind of EP you put on during a road trip through California mountains. We were able to talk to the band about the EP and more. Read below!


What was the inspiration behind NOT YOURS!?

We were working on songs since a while now, and finally got the chance to record them at a quiet exciting studio in Switzerland. Lady Gaga and the Backstreet Boys once recorded there, so you can imagine how inspired we where to record there. It felt like about time to get our first physical release done!

How’d you develop your sound for this EP?

Since we started to play together as a band, we had a lot of time to think of how our first EP should sound like. For me the first single we had were also the first time being in a studio and record something. Since then I payed more attention on how to figure out my guitar sound and how to sound as a complete band. I felt like we got closed as a band and know and understand each other better in order to get the sound we’re seeking.

Why the name NOT YOURS!? (Specifically in all caps with the exclamation mark)

One of my first songs ever written was the song “Not Yours”, which is the second track on the upcoming EP. I always had a special bound to this song, because it was literally the first one I have ever played with other people together. So we all agreed, that it should get some kind of appreciation.

What were some influential artists who you were listening to during the making of this EP?

While writing some of the songs, I was traveling in Mexico and had a lot of time to listen to music. At this time I (finally) discovered Starcrawler and the new album of Death Valley Girls, who have really well sounding records, which made me definitely think about how to get the songs recorded and mixed.

Do you have any songs off this album that you’re most excited to play live?

We love to play “Aerglo” live! Sometimes we get really lost while playing it and it’s one of these songs where you really have to listen to your mates and go with the flow.

Your music videos are captivating. Why do you think these videos are a good portrayal of your music?

We are very lucky to have the mastermind Dominic Foster in our boat. He’s also known for his work with Noel Gallagher, The Coral or Cabbage. The music video for “S.L.E.E.P.” turned out super “90s MTV” and we love it! I used to listen to a lot of grunge and the 90s were definitely influencing my taste in music. So we are super happy with his work.

Why is Annie Taylor, the woman you’re named after, so important to your mission as a band?

She is way more badass than we will ever be! This lady jumped in a barrow in 1901 the Niagara Falls and survived. You have to be a bit crazy to do that, but also it seems like she is a very encouraging person and inspiration for a lot of people. Back then, this jump was a outrageous thing to do! She’s inspiring us for to get out of our comfort zones and do things without thinking about it too much about it.

What else would you like people to know about your band?

We love to play live, come to our show!

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