The Faim

By Sophie Minello

The Faim presented their debut EP to the world on September 7. This collection of songs showed just how powerful this up and coming Australian 4-piece is. The Summer is a Curse EP covers a wide array of face paced, fun musical styles. We were able to chat with drummer, Sean Tighe, to learn more about the new music, the band’s artistic direction, and touring the world. Read it below.

Photo by Max Fairclough

Photo by Max Fairclough


 What was your creative process behind the Summer Is a Curse EP?

We really wanted to tell our story about where we’ve come from and express who we are as people through the music we’ve written. We went into the studio looking to produce something diverse and reflective of our journey and experiences up until that point.


You had many fun collaborations in the making of this EP (such as Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Mark Hoppus of blink-182, and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer). Many of the artists you teamed up with are in bands listed in the “influences” column on your Facebook page. What was the experience like, to work with people you admired?

Working with our idols is such an honor, and being able to learn from their years of creative experience really inspires us. The first time I met Travis Barker, my legs were shaking as he’s the reason I started having a passion towards the drums! 


The “Summer Is a Curse” music video had an intriguing storyline. How did you come up with the idea?

We wanted to dive into something a little unique, and thought for this music video it would be awesome to shoot in Wales, capturing the beautiful landscape. The rest of the storyline revolves around the idea that no matter what situation you’re in, you can build a way to get out of it.


You’ve got a debut album in the making. What can you tell us anything about that?

We can’t wait for everyone to hear more of our music! It definitely feels awesome to already have a collection of songs that we are so proud of hearing into the album. You can expect the unexpected for what’s to come!


When I went on your Spotify, the first thing I noticed was the fluency of your album covers. They’re very eye-catching and draw you in. What inspired these covers, especially black, white, and yellow color scheme?

We are very inspired by many covers, and one thing we keep in mind is to make each cover unique and energetic to intrigue the listener and viewer. With the color scheme, we are inspired by The 1975 and many bands like Coldplay. Color and image is a huge part to of progressively creating the long term vision of the band.


You’ve toured, and have upcoming dates, in places such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, etc. Have you noticed anything interesting in the way crowds react to your music in different countries?

After every show we honestly keep telling ourselves how crazy it is hearing everyone sing back our songs, even when we played at Slam Dunk and Reading and Leeds Festivals, people were going off singing back songs that we were playing that weren’t even released and that really is a great feeling! 


What’s your favorite part about playing your music in front of a crowd?

The adrenaline, the rush, the feeling of absolute magic as the music takes you to another dimension, so to speak. Also, to have everyone in that same bubble of togetherness is one of the most powerful things in the world! The most important thing is having fun, and being able to do that on stage with my brothers is a wonderful thing.


With the release of your new EP and a debut album on its way, what are your hopes for the future of The Faim?

No matter where our music takes us, we just love what we do, and having the ability to change people’s lives and help people through hard times is unreal. We want to share our stories and inspire people around the world to ultimately live in happiness, do what you want to do and reach for what you wish to achieve.

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