By Jade Pike

Up and coming indie band by the name of Glasscoast stems from the city of Orlando, Florida.

The duo consists of Quinten Koroshetz and Carly Meyer.

Creating sounds unlike any other, the two work to express their emotions through their music and speak the truth about their lives.

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To start off, what makes your band unique?

Quinten: We like to incorporate weird instruments, along with electronic stuff. For example, we love glockenspiel and we had it recorded electronically a lot. We actually have a glockenspiel now and we want to use it at our future shows, for sure.

Carly: Also, our music is super in your feels. It’s not super dancy or “yeah, this is such a rock band!”. Our music is vibey but we like to get in our feels, speak the truth.

Quinten: But we still want people to try to dance and stuff. And to cry.


What’s your favorite thing about music?

Carly: Picardy thirds. I love picardy thirds. When the whole song is in like A minor, and then it ends in A major. Oh my god.

Quinten: My favorite thing about music is the connection that you can get from it. I like the connection that music brings people emotionally, whether it’s meeting friends through music or going to shows. Whether they’re putting their emotions into the music, that kind of stuff.


Is there anything outside of music that inspires you?

Quinten: I’m really inspired by art. With music, trying to dig in and find your sound to be unique, I see the same thing with art. Personally, when I’m doing my photography I like doing mixed media. I really like hands on stuff and I really love the digital stuff as well. I wanna go outside the box for both of them and mix them together. That’s why I was doing the string art with photography.

Carly: I kind of agree. I used to do a lot of art but then AP art kinda drew me away from it. I really like color schemes. When you watch a movie, and you’re like “Wow I like the colors in this movie.” I also like fashion. I really like visuals, I guess.

Quinten: I think of color schemes with all of our songs.

Carly: Yeah.

Quinten: The way we have our Abelton controller programmed is so you can set the colors you want for each button. When I was making it I thought, “What color scheme should Sight be?” or “What color scheme should What’s It To You be?”. Thinking of color schemes with our songs and kinda crossing the senses is our goal.


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Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Quinten: Minion YMCA.

Carly: Yeah! Whenever we drive to our shows we listen to minion music or kidz bop and we put the windows down and jam out. But today, we listened to our own songs on the way here.

Quinten: We switch up the rituals.

Carly: Wow, we love us!

Quinten: We have bad luck at shows because one time we were making jokes for that vine “I’m calling the police!” and they do 911 on the microwave. We were making jokes about that and we would just write 911 in the air and grab a phone and do it. We actually ended up having to call the cops after the show.

Carly: Also, every show we go to, our guitar string breaks.

Quinten: Oh yeah! And I guess that’s a post-show ritual, something always breaks.


Do you have any hidden talents?

Quinten: I can vape out of the hole that my nose ring is in.

Carly: Right. I don’t know.

Quinten: I can wiggle my ears.

Carly: You can? Do it. How do you do that?

Quinten: I don’t know. I can fold my tongue in three.

Carly: Ooo! I can eat an entire 50 count Wendy’s chicken nugget platter on my own.

Quinten: I guess that’s it for the hidden talents. I can’t think of any more.

Carly: I also haven’t farted with noise for over a year so I can fart whenever I want and no one hears it.

Quinten: I’m jealous.


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After a late night show, where’s your go to spot for food?

Quinten: Gringos Locos.

Carly: Yeah, Gringos.

Quinten: Really after anything, after concerts, any time. After shows especially, but gosh any time. When they opened the one by our house, I probably went there literally four times over three days.

Carly: It’s so good.

Quinten: That’s our spot.


To end it off, where can people find your music?

Carly: We’re on iTunes and Spotify. We’re also on Soundcloud and ReverbNation under Glasscoast.

Quinten: We might be on Youtube, I haven’t checked with the distributor but we might be on there.

Carly: Yeah, spotify is free. On iTunes it’s like 99 cents. Soundcloud is free. You know how it is.

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